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PARAMETA to Significantly Expand Web3 Infrastructure Business Partnering with Global Node Providers 'Alchemy' and 'QuickNode'


PARAMETA to Significantly Expand Web3 Infrastructure Business Partnering with Global Node Providers 'Alchemy' and 'QuickNode'

  • 'Parameta Node Managed Service' provides all infrastructure required for blockchain use
  • Maximizing synergies based on PARAMETA's excellent Web3 technology and rich business experience
  • Alchemy and QuickNode collaborate to support functional and strategic business expansion

September 7, 2023 – ‘Web3 Enabler’ PARAMETA Corp. (formerly ICONLOOP, CEO Jonghyup Kim) announced that it is set to expand its Web3 infrastructure business in earnest by signing the first partnership in Korea with global Node Providers ‘Alchemy’ and ‘QuickNode’.

Alchemy and QuickNode are two of the world's leading node providers, ranking first and second in global market share, and PARAMETA has been preparing to strengthen and differentiate its Web3 infrastructure business by signing its first domestic partnerships with Alchemy in July and QuickNode in August. Through the enhanced 'Parameta Node Managed Service' based on the partnership with Alchemy and QuickNode, PARAMETA will provide more optimized technology and consulting for each user.

The Parameta Node Managed Service is an optimal blockchain infrastructure service that provides a full range of affordable and powerful node management capabilities to make blockchain use as easy and convenient as possible. This service, which supports integrated management such as introduction, management, and Q&A of global node provider services, has the great strength of providing users with price advantages in the form of rewards so that they can use node services more reasonably than connecting directly. In addition, through consulting and technical support based on PARAMETA's unique Web3 technology, rich experience, and business capabilities, users can utilize the service optimized for their Web3 business.

If you operate your own node, you will face various difficulties such as time consumption, lack of expertise and technology, high maintenance costs, stability problems, lack of reliability and support, etc. The Parameta Node Managed Service provides comprehensive support for the entire process of node operation by the best R&D experts in the domestic web3 field, ensuring stable and reliable connectivity and operation, as well as significantly reducing the cost of handling blockchain operations.

PARAMETA has been engaged in the Web3 infrastructure business since early on, managing the integration of nodes for B2B clients, including global blockchain project ICON and interchain NFT platform HAVAH, based on the Parameta Node Managed Service. With the new partnership, the Parameta Node Managed Service will allow users to optimize their business with various infrastructure services from PARAMETA, Alchemy, and QuickNode at a lower cost. PARAMETA plans to further strengthen its Web3 infrastructure business by collaborating with Alchemy and QuickNode to support functional and strategic business expansion.

"We are confident that companies that need to introduce node services will be able to experience the best blockchain infrastructure services through Parameta Node Managed Service," said Jonghyup Kim, CEO of PARAMETA. "PARAMETA's professional Web3 capabilities will help companies develop their Web3 business."

"We are excited about the expansion of the Web3 industry in South Korea and are committed to supporting this growth by providing the most reliable and consistent node services," said Nick Wallman, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Alchemy. "The partnership between Alchemy and PARAMETA will give Web3 startups access to the blockchain infrastructure they need to scale their businesses and keep up with market demand."

"We are pleased to be able to contribute to the enhancement of the Parameta Node Managed Service through this partnership," said Nick Anthony, Head of Channel Partnerships at QuickNode. "As blockchain technology continues to integrate with existing industries in the Asian market, our partnership is key to the successful implementation of the Web3 product strategy."

The service is available now through PARAMETA's official website ( and email ([email protected]).